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General Questions

Does Camera Canada lease equipment?
Camera Canada does lease equipment. Minimum leasing amount is $1000 (before taxes).
Click here for Camera Canada leasing information.

Does Camera Canada do INSURANCE QUOTES?
Camera Canada offers a complete insurance replacement service for our customers. We make it easy to assist our customers with all aspects of their claim. This may range from the initial quote to direct billing sent to the insurance company. Our diverse selection of major photographic, digital and video brands enables us to provide the most accurate replacement for lost or stolen equipment.

Does Camera Canada sell to businesses as well as consumers (B2B vs.B2C)?
For the professional image-maker, who demands fast, no-nonsense service, Camera Canada can speed up the ordering process by eliminating the need to comparison shop. We have the ability to process company and personal credit card transactions. We also can sell products PST and GST exempt for qualified customers upon approval. This added benefit saves you time and reduces accounting headaches.

Our clients range from small business and community-based organizations to government and high-tech companies, who receive a high level of service with personal attention. Our goal is to help customers find the best imaging solution for their budget and make it easy for them to do business with us.

What to the Camera Canada Stock status icons mean?

In Stock
The item is in stock and available for immediate shipping.

Out of Stock
The item in currently not in stock. We will notify you when the item is available for shipping. If the item will not be available for some time, we will notify you of that so you can cancel your order if you desire.

Special Order
The item is not normally stocked due to minimum order requirements, random availability, or lack of customer demand. However, we would be pleased to order any Special Order item for you. We will notify you of the expected shipping date via e-mail after your order is processed. Should the shipping date not meet with your requirements, you may cancel order at your discretion.

Our most popular item to keep in stock!
The item is in high demand. As a high demand item, our stock is depleted very quickly and we can not guarantee immediate delivery. If you order a Hot Item and the item will not be available for some time, we will notify you, at which time you may cancel your order or continue to wait for it to become available. Please note that Hot Item orders will be filled in the order they are received.

What do the Camera Canada Stock shipping icons mean?

Regular Shipping
Regular shipping rates apply to products with this icon. This means that the product fits into a “normal” shipping box and is within the dimensional and weight guidelines set out by Canada Post.

Oversized Shipping
Products that are either heavier or larger than “regular” items are deemed oversized. This includes heavy items such as some tripods, inkjet paper, dye-sub paper, some lighting kits and printers to name a few. Canada Post charges weight and dimensional surcharges that apply to items in excess of their guidelines.

Special Shipping Rates Apply
Items that are very large, very heavy or very delicate will be given special shipping rates depending on the shipping destination. These items may include selected printers, lighting kits, etc. that are simply too big or heavy to be shipped using the oversized rates.

No Shipping Cost.
Items that are very small or light may be deemed to have NO shipping. Gift certificates fall into this category.

No Shipping Cost.
For selected products Camera Canada may have promotions that include free shipping. While free shipping applies to a particular item, if the item is combined with other products, free shipping may not apply.

NOTE: Generally speaking, Camera Canada chooses a shipping rate based on the heaviest product being shipped even if there are lighter products in the cart. For example, if the Camera Canada order includes 1 camera, 1 gift card, 1 filter and 1 tripod, the shipping rate is based on the tripod (the heaviest product) even though the gift card shows free shipping and the camera shows regular shipping.


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