Forest City Image Centre is extremely aware of the need for confidentiality in photofinishing and digital imaging services. We have the following provisions in place to ensure confidentiality:


Certified Photographic Consultants in the PhotoLab


Our lab staff are a group of experienced professionals who understand their work and the demands that our professional clients place upon them. Certified by the Photo Marketing Association International, they have demonstrated both product knowledge and an understanding of commercial photographic applications.


Secure Lab Environment


Both the Photo Lab and Digital Lab are physically located in an area that is off-limits to the general public.


Secure destruction of photographic and digital imaging waste


It is our staff policy that any potentially damaging waste images be destroyed entirely and disposed of.




For over 10 years Forest City Image Centre has gained experience and respect from hospitals, coroners, doctors, dentists, appraisers, government institutions and professional photographers. This experience is invaluable in dealing with sensitive situations.


Management Commitment


Managers at Imagespin consistently review and champion matters of confidentiality and security at monthly meetings. The commitment comes from the top.

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