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Send your photos to us through Dropbox.


Prepare your files for upload by compressing them.


First you must prepare your files for upload by compressing them to an archive for transfer. This will make it easier and shorten the length of the transfer. Use one of following compression utilities:


Winzip Winzip - (Free Evaluation)
Stuffit Stuffit - (Free Evaluation)




Photoshop/Bitmap Files
Digital Machine Prints/Film Output: supply sRGB tiff (no compression, channels or extra layers) or jpg (high quality compression)
Lightjet/Inkjet Prints: supply Adobe RGB 1998 tiff (no compression, channels or extra layers)


These programs will contain multiple files and must be contained in an archived file .zip or .sit format when uploading. Convert all text to curves/outlines when working with layout programs and include all eps/tiff files. Include entire font family if working with text that cannot be converted to curves/outlines (text typed in Quark). Image placements should be Adobe RGB 1998 tiff/eps without compression. If you are choosing pantones be sure to set proper pantones (process coated or uncoated) rather than a CMYK mix. This will allow us to best choose a matching colour for the device. Feel free you visit us and check out our colour charts to observe the colour gamut for a particular material.


*DO NOT proceed with step 2 until you have completed prep in step 1.




Transfer your files using your web browser. Follow the simple steps indicated below.

  1. Open a web browser and go to "”.
  2. Enter your login and password. If you don't have an account you need to create one. You can create a FREE account which will typically provide you with enough space to upload your photos.
  3. Upload the photo files from your desktop into the desired folder displayed in the browser window.
  4. Share your folder with
  5. Close browser to log out.

*DO NOT upload any file over 200mb without consent from our staff.


Before you upload your files, they should be compressed to shorten the length of the transfer. If you have any trouble with FTP, feel free to give one of our techs a call (519) 661-0325 to walk you through the process or you could always burn your files to a disk and send them by mail/courier with a detailed letter of your order.

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